Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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Threading: Certificate Class

Class Fee: $495

Threading is an ancient technique of facial hair removal that originated in India and the Middle East. It is a gentle, precise, natural, and quick technique mainly for shaping the eyebrows and removing facial hair without damaging the skin. Our professional instructors are the best in the business. This threading class will provide you with a detailed theory and practical application to further enhance your Aesthetics skills.

  • Theory & Practical Techniques
    Trainees will be will go through a intensive basic theory, advanced techniques and view practical application demonstration 
  • Practical Application
    The second of these sessions will be an opportunity for the trainee to practice under supervision and brush up or troubleshoot for techniques.  (Participants may opt to be assessed on this day or return for assessment)

Please note:

*All materials are included in the class fee
*$35 absence fee will be charged to your account if you fail to attend
*Course fee is due on first day of class
*Please provide 2 business days notice for cancellations
*There will be no need for a model for the first class, however for the second session a model will be required.